November, 9 | 2018

Attention! Fake App on Google Play store

b2bx fake app

Somebody added fake B2BX Exchange app to Google Play store.
It is a fake application which steals your data!


Please do not install b2bx exchange application from Google Play store.

Change your passwords if you used this application and enable 2FA.

❗️Dear traders ❗️
We strongly recommend all of you to enable two-factor authentification (2FA) for your trading accounts in order to keep your account in safety 🔒
You can enable 2FA at your exchange profile.
Login your exchange profile, click profile icon and enable 2FA.

18 Dec 2018
Another Listing for B2BX: Now Added to BiShiJie
In a second appearance in a major exchange listing this month, we are pleased to announce that B2BX has been added to BiShiJie, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform In China and Korea.   BiShiJie is a
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14 Dec 2018
B2BX Now Listed on Feixiaohao
We are pleased to announce that B2BX has been listed on Feixiaohao, the Chinese version of CoinmarketCap and one of the top exchanges in Asia. Established in Shenzhen in August 2017, Feixiaohao is one of the earliest digital
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13 Nov 2018
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Update: 15th November
You may have heard that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is preparing for a planned protocol change (BCH Hard Fork) via a hard fork on 15th November, 2018. Bitcoin Cash undergoes a hard fork for protocol upgrades twice
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