November, 13 | 2018

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Update: 15th November

You may have heard that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is preparing for
a planned protocol change (BCH Hard Fork) via a hard fork on 15th November, 2018.

Bitcoin Cash undergoes a hard fork for protocol upgrades twice yearly which usually pass unnoticed. On this occasion, the community has failed to come to a consensus and is divided over the future of Bitcoin Cash blockchain. As a result, on 15th November, the Bitcoin Cash hard fork will result in two separate BCH blockchains and two coins.

If you have any concerns about how this upcoming change might affect your B2BX BCH account, we would like to assure you that B2BX Exchange has fully committed to supporting the fork.

During the hard fork, please be advised that the funds held in your wallet will be safe, and that you will not be at risk of losing them in any way. We do, however, strongly recommend, that you stop sending funds to your Bitcoin Cash Wallets starting from 14th November.

On our part, we will be disabling BCH deposit and withdrawal methods on 14th November for all our clients as during a hard fork, there is an increased risk that outgoing or incoming transactions may be lost or double-spent.

B2BX will be closely monitoring a chain split and we will notify you again if and when this occurs.

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