December, 18 | 2018

Another Listing for B2BX: Now Added to BiShiJie

In a second appearance in a major exchange listing this month, we are pleased to announce that B2BX has been added to BiShiJie, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform In China and Korea.


BiShiJie is a reputed platform for listing top tokens and exchanges as well as a media and community service platform, helping to build a community of cryptocurrency investors in China and Korea.

bishijie and b2bx

As a hub for one of the most influential blockchain media & crypto communities in the region, the platform features well-connected projects, traders and exchange including Huobi, Binance, OKEx amounting to over 200 listings in total. The platform also boasts excellent media exposure with the app having been downloaded over 1 million times and daily active users numbering around 350,000.


The BiShiJie community is based on WeChat – the largest communication app in China which has over 1 billion users. With over 1000 WeChat groups, there are over 350,000 community members in total.


In Korea, the Coinness app features newsflashes that are subsequently published on a further nine apps, six of which are top 10 cryptocurrency related apps in addition to a telegram channel of 10,000 subscribers. The overall daily view totals in the region of 300,000.


CEO Artur Azizov said, “We are pleased to announce our presence on another industry-leading exchange listing platform. BiShiJie is a highly influential platform in the China and Korean regions and this newest listing means we are in a prime position to expand our community even further as we increase our exposure in these regions and ultimately further across the globe.”

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