B2BX is a superior cryptocurrency trading platform

Secure and regulated ctyptocurrency exchange

Dynamic interface

Place widgets where ever you want
Create multiple workspaces
Fully customize the layout

B2BX trading platform features

Some advantages of our crypto exchange

Depth of Market

Visualise supply and demand balances with an overview of the cumulative total of open buy and sell orders.

Order Book

Limit orders are aggregated into the order book. Create an order with your desired price in a click.


Add instruments of your choice and keep an eye on Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Percentage changes over a 24 hour period in one area.

Order Widget

Order placement is possible using the intuitive order widget. The widget can set the desired amount in the base currency and the total in both the quote currency and percentage, allowing for quick volume selection.

Assets Widget

Check your balance directly on the trading interface.

Variety of Order Widgets

Open Orders
Filed orders
Inactive orders

Start trading now!

Trading on a stock or cryptocurrency exchange is a high-risk business that can bring both income and losses.

White/Night mode

Workspaces for different styles of trading


View different order books on a single screen
Ideal for the placement of several orders at the same time
Activity monitoring in real-time

Intraday trading

Intraday trading
Analyse real-time market depth, time and sales activity
Keep an eye on instruments in the watchlist for opportunities
Compact chart size enables viewing of overall picture

Long term trading

Long term trading
Monitor the entire market
Look for opportunities across a variety of instruments
Monitor the correlation between different instruments

Various order types

Limit orders

This is an order to buy or sell a security at a given or improved price. In this case, the price is guaranteed but filling of the order is not. Limit orders will only be executed when the security price matches the order qualifications.

Stop orders

These orders are triggered once a stock passes a particular price point. After this point, they are converted into market orders which will be executed at the best price available.

Market orders


A Fill or Kill (FOK) order will cause the complete order to be immediately executed in full or cancelled.


An IOC order (Immediate or Cancel) to buy or sell executes all or part of it immediately. Any unfilled part of the order is cancelled.

Why Choose B2BX?

A huge amount of crypto assets pairs and funding methods. Comfortable workspace and helpfull widgets.
Why Choose B2BX?
User-Friendly trading platform ideal for crypto assets
Why Choose B2BX?
A range of powerful TradingView charts
Why Choose B2BX?
Get quick access to the top cryptocurrency markets
Why Choose B2BX?
A transparent order book offering the best prices and liquidity. Get benefit from tight spreads
Why Choose B2BX?
European regulated cryptocurrency exchange
Why Choose B2BX?
Absolutely no hidden fees
Why Choose B2BX?
Variety of funding methods
Why Choose B2BX?
Wide range of security measures (2FA, Withdrawal white list, Device management)
Why Choose B2BX?
Feature-rich API (Restful + WebSocket)

Start trading now!

Trading on a stock or cryptocurrency exchange is a high-risk business that can bring both income and losses.

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