Why Trade BCH/USDT?
Stablecoins are considered as crypto safe harbors, as these digital assets are not impacted by volatility; hence, traders prefer to keep stablecoins, having an opportunity to exchange these assets to other cryptocurrencies. USDT is the most demanded digital currency, widely traded with other crypto assets, including Bitcoin Cash. According to statistics, BCH/USDT trading volumes are 3.81% of the whole crypto market. Such a trading pair is among the top-10 most popular ones.
Bitcoin Cash Summary

BCH is a Bitcoin’s fork project, launched in 2017. The developers had two different opinions connected with the future development of Bitcoins, facing the problem of limited block size. The block 478558 was the last common one for the united team. Some developers led by Amaury Sechet started their own project known as Bitcoin Cash with a block size of 8 MB.

Bitcoin Cash Key Facts

BCH maximum supply is 21 million coins (the same number as Bitcoin offers);

Bitcoin Cash is 0.90% of all crypto market;

BCH’s all-time high is $4 355 (December 20, 2017);

At present, Bitcoin Cash is the only top-10 currency with a negative return on investments (-38.66%).

USDT Summary

USDT is a Bitcoin blockchain-based cryptocurrency intended for payments providing. This digital asset is backed by fiat U.S. dollars; hence, hodlers get stability and confidence. Staying decentralized, USDT is regarded as a digital version of USD, being not impacted by volatility processes. Such a crypto is among the top-3 digital assets, according to the market capitalization volumes. and many traders prefer to convert BCH to USDT, saving their funds.

Trade BCH/USDT with B2BX
Advanced Charts and Tools

B2BX offers advanced charts for both individual traders and corporate clients. Numerous graphic tools and analytical instruments to make your trading process professional. Furthermore, the exchange makes it possible to execute tens of thousands of orders.

Crypto to Cash Hassle-Free

Both private and corporate clients get an opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds through safe and convenient options, including banking cards, SWIFT, or SEPA wire transfers.

Ideal Features for All Users

The exchange lists popular and liquid digital assets only, protecting clients from scam projects. Moreover, all registered traders need to complete the verification process, as B2BX is a licensed exchange, meeting KYC policy and legislative requirements. Two-factor authentication (Google + SMS) makes it impossible to hack the system.

An Outstanding Trading Experience

Traders are welcome to exchange USDT to BCH or other digital assets. Furthermore, you are able to use wallets for hodling, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies.

Risk Management Instruments

B2BX contains comprehensive information about different assets to help traders make precise predictions of the further price movements. Clients get one of the lowest fees in the sector.

B2BX is Totally Reliable

The exchange is always on the way to perfection, offering traders the most convenient conditions, lowest fees, advanced instruments, and customized settings. Furthermore, B2BX is a fully-legal exchange that keeps fiat capitals in a regulated bank, while 98% of digital currencies are stored in cold wallets.

Daily Change
Market Info
Min. deal size: 20 USD equivalent
Full pair name: Bitcoin Cash to Tether
Base currency: BCH
Currency of rolling: USDT
Price step: