Why Trade BTC/USDT
While talking about the BTC/USDT trading pair, its volumes are the highest on the crypto market. This pair occupies from 38.14 to 41.90% of the crypto trading sector, depending on the exchange. As such, traders are interested in the reasons for such popularity. Bitcoin is the first crypto with high investment perspectives, while Tether is a stablecoin that helps holders keep their funds safe, not impacted by the market volatility.
Bitcoin Summary

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been pretending to make the financial revolution, forcing crypto skeptics to change their side. The year 2020 showed BTC has giant perspectives, and institutional investors join the market, driving it forward even more rapidly. The first crypto set a new all-time high record of $41 000. Furthermore, Bitcoin is mineable, and the number of BTCs to mine decreases constantly which makes Bitcoin compared to gold.

Bitcoin Key Facts

• Bitcoin exceeded all the largest world banks by market capitalization ($707 billion against JPMorgan Chase’s $427 billion).

• In 2020 the number of BTC-accepting businesses reached 15 000 (94% growth compared to 2019).

• 55% of the U.S. investors are interested in buying Bitcoin.

USDT Summary

Traders sometimes ask themselves when should I sell BTC for USDT? Tether is a leading stablecoin backed by U.S. dollars; hence, its price is constantly within the borders of $1.00. Traders use USDT stablecoins as a “safe harbor” when the crypto market undergoes the highest volatility periods. Furthermore, Tether is widely used as a payment instrument.

Trade BTC/USDT with B2BX
Advanced Charts and Tools

The B2BX exchange offers users to convert BTC to USDT quickly and conveniently, as the trading platform is equipped with advanced charts and tools suitable for private traders and institutional investors. Furthermore, you are able to make both short-term and long-term predictions.

Crypto to Cash Hassle-Free

On the one hand, Tether is somehow understood as the “digitized” U.S. dollar, and traders buy USDT with BTC to avoid volatility risks, while on the other hand, users may need to sell digital assets for fiat money. B2BX supports banking cards, wire transfers (SWIFT or SEPA), and payment systems (Payeer, AdvCash, etc.).

Ideal Features for All Users

The key-note mission of the B2BX crypto exchange lies in providing top-quality features for all categories of traders. Professional traders appreciate a set of graphic tools and analytical instruments. Institutional investors choose the trading platform because of its safeness and security. B2BX lists liquid crypto assets only and protects registered traders with two-factor authentication.

An Outstanding Trading Experience

Traders are welcome to open an account to exchange BTC for USDT as well as to hold diverse digital assets, receive, and send cryptocurrencies. All orders are executed rapidly and easily.

Risk Management Instruments

Security is put among the top-priorities of the B2BX exchange; hence traders’ fiat funds are stored in regulated banks, while about 98% of all crypto funds are placed in cold wallets. The exchange strictly follows the “Know Your Client” policy, requiring every holder to be verified.

B2BX is Totally Reliable

When a person needs to find out how to go from BTC to USDT, B2BX becomes the best solution. The exchange is a fully licensed one; hence, all your transactions meet the legislative norms.

Daily Change
Market Info
Min. deal size: 20 USD equivalent
Full pair name: Bitcoin to Tether
Base currency: BTC
Currency of rolling: USDT
Price step: