Trading USDT/USD
USDT tokens are backed by fiat USD; hence, many traders understand Tether coins as a digital version of U.S. dollars that combines all pros of digital assets and helps investors to avoid volatility. What’s the difference between USD and USDT? Tether coins are not regulated by any government. During the recent year, USDT price is within the borders from $0.99 to $1.02, and investors understand such a cryptocurrency as a good idea for entering the crypto world. The demand for Tether coins is on the rise because investors may convert them into fiat U.S. instantly. According to Coinmarketcap, USDT to USD trading volumes are 2.14% of the whole crypto market trading volumes.
USDT Summary

The stablecoin was issued by Tether Limited in 2014; meanwhile, its official history began in 2015 when this digital asset had been added to crypto exchanges. Since then, USDT’s popularity has been growing steadily. At present, the crypto enters the top-3 ranking according to the market capitalization.

USDT coins are widely used as a payment instrument, and the number of Tether-accepting businesses grows. Holders may book a hotel, hire a car, buy food, and more, using their Tether stablecoins.

USDT Key Facts:

• Tether coins are backed by fiat U.S. dollars 1:1

• USDT’s market capitalization skyrocketed by 390% in 2020

• In November the stablecoin set a 24 h trading volume record for all digital assets - $195 billion

• Tether’s market capitalization is more than 2 times higher than the market cap of all the rest issued stablecoins (more than 40 digital assets).

USD Summary

Why are traders mostly interested in how to buy USDT with USD? The U.S. dollar is the world’s most popular currency. Furthermore, USD is the second oldest currency, after GBP. While talking about trading volumes, the U.S. dollar leads the global financial system. The USD 24 h trading volumes exceed $2.9 trillion, while U.S. dollars are included in 88.3% of all pairs traded daily.

Trade USDT/USD with B2BX
Advanced Charts and Tools

The exchange offers convenient analytics of USD vs USDT: customized charts equipped by the fullest scope of graphic tools and analytical instruments, useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

Crypto to Cash Hassle-Free

Clients may deposit and withdraw funds by the most suitable methods. The exchange supports credit cards, crypto wallets, and wire transfers, offering customers the lowest fees.

Ideal Features for All Users

B2BX invites both individual traders and corporate clients to practice how to trade USDT to USD. Wallets are secured by the 2FA authentication, while the exchange is licensed and meets all the legislative requirements. Clients are available to choose between the web version and mobile application.

An Outstanding Trading Experience

B2BX wallets are suitable to purchase USDT coins, receive digital assets easily, exchange them to other cryptocurrencies, or hodl. Furthermore, a person may withdraw Tether coins in several clicks.

Risk Management Instruments

The exchange offers diverse instruments to keep traders in the black; hence, when a trader practices how to trade USDT/USD pairs, “stop-loss” and “take-profit” instruments protect traders from massive losses.

B2BX is Totally Reliable

Such a crypto exchange is always on the way to perfection; therefore, traders get the perfect interface (advanced instruments and customized settings), maximum security (fiat funds are stored in a regulated bank and crypto funds – in cold wallets), and the best trading conditions (lowest fees, convenient options of depositing and withdrawal).

Daily Change
Market Info
Min. deal size: 20 USD equivalent
Full pair name: Tether to Dollar
Base currency: USDT
Currency of rolling: USD
Price step: