Listing on the exchange B2BX is a professional platform where thousands of traders and investors make transactions. We carefully select projects before listing as we are interested in the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Join the number of projects whose tokens are already traded on our exchange!

Listing in marginal liquidity pool

Another level of listing. With B2BX ecosystem, millions of users will see your token in trading terminals of other exchanges and brokers. We are very attentive to the listing of projects and research in details all aspects of the project.

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Listing requirements:

  • The listing covers only utility-tokens. At the moment we do not list security tokens.
  • Make sure that you have opened access to the attached files (Legal opinion, White Paper, etc.) in the application for listing.
  • All documents for the company are required

Please pay attention to filling out the form. If your project is approved, our listing Committee will contact you at the address you provided.