Spot liquidity

Through its own B2BX cryptocurrency exchange, B2Broker aggregates liquidity for other cryptocurrency exchanges, non-bank liquidity providers, Forex brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, OTC orders of institutional clients, hedge funds and thousands of client-broker orders. This enables us to create the deepest liquidity pool in the industry. See the real depth of our orderbook!

Physical supply of an asset
prime level
Direct access to Prime Broker services
No leverage
Low trading fee
Deep pool of liquidity
Trading fees start from 0.1%
Superior security of the platform

Specifications for spot liquidity

Trading pair Coin Average spread
BTC/USDT Bitcoin 4.29598675
ETH/USDT Ethereum 2.51459763
ETH/BTC Ethereum 0.00006320
DASH/USDT Digital Cash 1.72608327
DASH/BTC Digital Cash 0.00011683
BCH/USDT Bitcoin Cash 2.48091913
BCH/BTC Bitcoin Cash 0.00020231
BCH/ETH Bitcoin Cash 0.02144144
XMR/USDT Monero 0.31372316
XMR/BTC Monero 0.00010995
LTC/USDT Litecoin 0.25845692
LTC/BTC Litecoin 0.00003739
XRP/USDT Ripple 0.00073017
XRP/BTC Ripple 0.00000049
B2BX/USDT B2BX 0.14999999
B2BX/BTC B2BX 0.00001234
B2BX/ETH B2BX 0.00003228
B2BX/BCH B2BX 0.0001849
B2BX/DASH B2BX 0.00073893
B2BX/XRP B2BX 1.12599162
B2BX/XMR B2BX 0.00106228
B2BX/OMG B2BX 0.02646153
B2BX/LTC B2BX 0.00178535
B2BX/ADA B2BX 0.033
OMG/BTC OmiseGO 0.00002311
OMG/ETH OmiseGO 0.00000695
XEM/USDT NEM 0.000876
XEM/BTC NEM 0.00000009
XEM/ETH NEM 0.000006
NEO/BTC NEO 0.00002
ADA/BTC Cardano 0.00000029
ADA/ETH Cardano 0.00000983
USDT/USDC Tether vs USD//Coin 0
BTC/USDC BitCoin vs USD//Coin 8
ETH/USDC Ethereum vs USD//Coin 3

Distribution systems

B2BX web platform
B2BX exchange
WebSocket API
Advanced API

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