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Instrument Specification

SymbolDescriptionContract sizeMargin, %LeverageGMT +0, OpenGMT +0, CloseSWAP, % per year (360d), SHORTSWAP, % per year (360d), LONG
BCHBTCBitCoin Cash vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.60-17.23
BCHETHBitCoin Cash vs Ethereum 1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.30-17.95
BCHUSDBitCoin Cash vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.14-17.51
BTCUSDBitCoin vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.64-17.63
DSHBTCDASH vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.17-17.54
DSHUSDDASH vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.90-17.95
ETCBTCEthereum Classic vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.81
ETCUSDEthereum Classic vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.57-17.84
ETHBTCEthereum vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.70-17.25
ETHLTCEthereum vs LiteCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.76-17.74
ETHUSDEthereum vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.30-17.23
LTCBTCLiteCoin vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.12-17.97
LTCUSDLiteCoin vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.98-17.20
XAIUSDAltCoin vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.98-17.69
XMRBTCMonero vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.63-17.34
XMRUSDMonero vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.06-17.21
XRPUSDRipple vs US Dollar 1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.94-17.40
ZECBTCZCash vs Bitcoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.39-17.63
ZECUSDZCash vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
BATUSDBasic Attention Token vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
EOSUSDEOS vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
IOTUSDIOTA vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
NEOUSDNeo vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
OMGUSDOmiseGo vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.74-17.03
B2BBTCB2BX vs BitCoin1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.98-17.20
B2BETHB2BX vs Ethereum1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.39-17.63
B2BUSDB2BX vs US Dollar1331:30:00:0023:59:59-18.76-17.74

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