The secrets of Swing Trading on Cryptocurrency
Trading with cryptocurrencies will be effective only if you know the nuances of the process. This article will talk about the features of swing trading on cryptocurrencies.
Effective swing trading - a useful guide for the beginners

Trading on a stock or cryptocurrency exchange is a high-risk business that can bring both income and losses. However, this process is subject to certain rules and patterns as many factors affect the market. Correct analysis, the ability to make timely decisions and choose the right trading strategy are the signs and features of a true professional. Knowledge is a real strength and the key to success. Therefore, novice users and experienced customers need to constantly progress and learn something new. This article will tell you what is swing trading and why it might be attractive for you.

Swing trading basic concepts

First of all, you need to learn the swing trading basics principles. The basic principle of cryptocurrency trading is simple - “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”. The fluctuations in the rate for all assets in the market are cyclical, and the main task of the trader is to determine the optimal indicator of the value of an asset to acquire it at the most favorable price. Swing trading is a special set of strategies that allows you to accurately determine the point of entry into a trend.

Comparing swing trading vs. daily trading, then a special feature of the first is the use of day/week timeframes and strict adherence to risk management. This means that swing trading, although it brings less profit, is a less risky way to make money because the user can conduct a thorough analysis and take into account all factors. Swing trading implies the choice of a medium-term expiration period and allows for a more thorough analysis of a trade, which increases the chances of success.

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USDT Summary

Traders sometimes ask themselves when should I sell BTC for USDT? Tether is a leading stablecoin backed by U.S. dollars; hence, its price is constantly within the borders of $1.00. Traders use USDT stablecoins as a “safe harbor” when the crypto market undergoes the highest volatility periods. Furthermore, Tether is widely used as a payment instrument.

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The B2BX exchange offers users to convert BTC to USDT quickly and conveniently, as the trading platform is equipped with advanced charts and tools suitable for private traders and institutional investors. Furthermore, you are able to make both short-term and long-term predictions.

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On the one hand, Tether is somehow understood as the “digitized” U.S. dollar, and traders buy USDT with BTC to avoid volatility risks, while on the other hand, users may need to sell digital assets for fiat money. B2BX supports banking cards, wire transfers (SWIFT or SEPA), and payment systems (Payeer, AdvCash, etc.).

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The key-note mission of the B2BX crypto exchange lies in providing top-quality features for all categories of traders. Professional traders appreciate a set of graphic tools and analytical instruments. Institutional investors choose the trading platform because of its safeness and security. B2BX lists liquid crypto assets only and protects registered traders with two-factor authentication.

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Traders are welcome to open an account to exchange BTC for USDT as well as to hold diverse digital assets, receive, and send cryptocurrencies. All orders are executed rapidly and easily.

Risk Management Instruments

Security is put among the top-priorities of the B2BX exchange; hence traders’ fiat funds are stored in regulated banks, while about 98% of all crypto funds are placed in cold wallets. The exchange strictly follows the “Know Your Client” policy, requiring every holder to be verified.

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When a person needs to find out how to go from BTC to USDT, B2BX becomes the best solution. The exchange is a fully licensed one; hence, all your transactions meet the legislative norms.

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