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Instrument Specification

SymbolDescriptionContract SizeTick SizeTick PriceComission taker, per sideComission maker, per side
BCH/BTCBitCoin Cash vs BitCoin10,0010,001 BTC0,15%0,15%
BCH/ETHBitCoin Cash vs Ethereum10,00000010,0000001 ETH0,15%0,15%
BCH/USTBitCoin Cash vs USDt Tether10,0010,001 USD0,15%0,15%
BTC/USTBitCoin vs USDt Tether10,0010,001 USD0,15%0,15%
DSH/BTCDASH vs BitCoin10,00000010,0000001 BTC0,15%0,15%
DSH/USTDASH vs USDt Tether10,00000010,0000001 USD0,15%0,15%
ETH/BTCEthereum vs BitCoin10,00000010,0000001 BTC0,15%0,15%
ETH/USTEthereum vs USDt Tether10,00000010,0000001 USD0,15%0,15%
ETH/LTCEthereum vs LiteCoin10,00000010,0000001 LTC0,15%0,15%
LTC/BTCLiteCoin vs BitCoin10,00000010,0000001 BTC0,15%0,15%
LTC/USTLiteCoin vs USDt Tether10,00000010,0000001 USD0,15%0,15%
XMR/USTMonero vs BitCoin10,00000010,0000001 USD0,15%0,15%
B2B/BTCB2BX vs BitCoin10,00000010,0000001 BTC0,15%0,15%
B2B/ETHB2BX vs Ethereum10,00000010,0000001 ETH0,15%0,15%
B2B/USTB2BX vs USDt Tether10,00000010,0000001 LTC0,15%0,15%

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